Phillip Strand



Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition that is now practised worldwide. It is a pathway of holistic health and wellbeing which helps the practitioner to discover a sense of oneness with themselves, others, the world around them and ultimately to the energy of life itself.  This is done through working with a deep awareness of the body and breath whilst seated, moving, holding form or resting. The practice of yoga lays a foundation which can then be applied to everyday life allowing the practitioner to be more present to each moment and go with the flow of life.


Building on a background of martial arts practice from the age of thirteen, I completed my yoga teacher training in Sivananda Yoga in 2004 and then taught classes in North Yorkshire for a number of years before moving to Devon with my wife Nicola in 2013 to continue teaching in the local area.

Although interested in yoga and martial arts for their physical benefits my initial reason for choosing to practice these arts was because of their capacity to harmonise mental and emotional health, as lack of confidence and low self-worth were feelings that troubled me regularly.

The sessions that I offer are inspired  by my ongoing practice and study of yoga, martial arts and dance together with observations of life and the natural world.  I enjoy sharing what I have learnt with others in the hope that it benefits their lives much as it does mine.